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Glad you stopped by...get a glass of tea and pull up a're in the country where life is slow and pleasures are plentiful.  I am not a farmer by birth but by desire. I moved here from the west coast in 1994 and fell in love with slow paced country living in the woods of rural Alabama.  Gray-Zen Acres is the name of both my apothecary brand and my farm.  I believe in the value of fresh ingredients in skin care products.  I believe in small family farms.  I believe in knowing where products originate, how they're made and who made them.  I began Gray-Zen Acres Apothecary with those simple beliefs and support small local family farms by sourcing my skincare ingredients locally.  You are invited to get to know these families and farms by checking out the "meet the farmer" page.           


 My name is Marj Gray and I am a nationally certified soap maker, a Registered Nurse, and a farmer.  I live in the woods of southern Alabama on my 17 acre paradise with a few cows, horses, donkeys, bees, a very full hen house and a variety of dogs and cats.  Over the years I have experimented with exotic oils, new fragrances, and exciting colors but the further I got away from the goodness of farm fresh ingredients the more disappointed I was in the products.  I began to focus formula development on farm related products and I met a few local farmers, formed some relationships and began to source a number of ingredients locally such as goat milk, buttermilk, honey, bee's wax, lard, tallow, and even eggs.  Besides making the best darn soaps, lotions, candles and bath goodies, these ingredients provide support for local family farms.

Gray-Zen Acres is about honest, gracious southern living and sharing your abundance with folks less fortunate.  I take pride in making skincare products that share a bit of sunshine, pastures, spring rain and natures bounty but I also make my Beez Kneez wood wicked candles that are made from used bee's wax church candles.  I was given these used candles by a local church to recycle. After I melt, strain, add oils, fragrance and a little color, the candles get a wood wick which softly crackles like a distant camp fire. Proceeds from these candles are donated to the church's homeless outreach program. 

But enough about me! It's your turn to talk.  Please feel free to stop by the Meet the Farmer page to get to know the other farmers involved in my products and don't forget to leave your name and will get the latest product news, new releases, show dates, and a shipping discount to use on your next order.  

Oh, and when you take a few soaps, lotions and candles home to the family be sure to give them my regards from the farm.

Come back soon,